Garrett Walton

For the first time since the organization began “hardening homes” in 2008, REBUILD Northwest Florida has extended their services from homesteads to rental home owners as well, with its new hurricane mitigation program.

Garrett Walton, director at REBUILD Northwest Florida, says they’re doing this for the community, and rental homes are a significant part of the community, so they felt it was time to offer their services to these homes as well.

Bob Barrett / WUWF News

Garrett Walton, the CEO of REBUILD Northwest Florida remembers those days in 2004 when home after home suffered severe damage during Hurricane Ivan. 

REBUILD Northwest Florida

As we get closer to hurricane season, the phones at REBUILD Northwest Florida are starting to get busier. For almost a decade the group has been helping people in our area get their homes ready to survive a hurricane. WUWF's Bob Barrett sat down with Garrett Walton, the CEO of REBUILD NWF to talk about the group's mission and how they got started.