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August 20, 2017

The Early Mays
Credit The Early Mays

This week: The Early Mays. Emily Pinkerton, Ellen Gozion and newest member, Rachel Eddy, share songs based in a love of American tradition, while also exploring their own creative voices. All three are celebrated solo artists who bring their rich and carefully honed craft to The Early Mays.

Emily weaves folk, classical and world music traditions together in her songwriting. Ellen is an accomplished ballad singer and visual artist. Born and raised in West Virginia, Rachel is a prolific performer who has shared the stage with musical legends including Tim O’Brien, Uncle Earl and Bruce Molsky.

The Early Mays were originally formed in 2013 by Emily, Ellen and their friend Judith Avers who left the group in 2015 to focus on her family and songwriting. We'll hear tracks from the Early Mays studio recordings including the just released, Chase the Sun (2017). Also, this week, new releases by Neil Young, Joan Osborne, and others.

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