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September 24, 2017  

Jorma Kaukonen
Credit Shawn Jackson/Sundel Perry

This week: Jorma Kaukonen. He operates the world famous Fur Peace Ranch, "we grow guitar players." It's a learning institution for some of the best musicians in the world who want to improve their skills. It's also a school for gifted novices and dedicated beginners. They all agree on one thing. Jorma Kaukonen is one of the best guitarists they have ever heard.

Jorma was a bona fide rock star as a founding member of Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna (along with fellow Airplane alum Jack Casady). Growing tired of the grueling road schedule and over amplified shows, Kaukonen started performing solo acoustic gigs in 1974, well before the break-up of Hot Tuna in 1978.

He's produced 15 solo, mainly acoustic albums and collaborated on a number of projects including those featuring former Grateful Dead members Robert Hunter and Tom Constanten. We'll feature music from some of Jorma's best  recordings including his first acoustic release, Quah (1974)  through Ain't in No Hurry (2015) also a few acoustic oddities from his rock star years.

Acoustic Interlude features new recordings and music from an extensive collection of contemporary and progressive acoustic music. The emphasis is on progressive folk with some traditional and classic styles. Interview and performance sessions from our Studio-A are featured weekly. Past guests have included Jerry Douglas, Pierce Pettis, Jeff Black, Rodney Crowell, Shawn Mullins, Mary Gautier, Amy Ray, and many others.

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