Military Bratz Vs The Cyber Bully: New Book Focuses On Military Kids

Aug 13, 2014

A band of superheroes is teaming up with school kids around the world to battle the evil supervillain Cyber-bully!

That's what happens in the new book "Military Bratz" written by LaTangela and Gwen Newsome. LaTangela, who starred in the Nickelodeon series "Tania", collaborated with her mother on the book, which highlights the unique problems of children in military families. They spoke with WUWF's Bob Barrett about the idea behind the book.

What they talked about:

-- LaTangela was a military brat herself, living in Turkey, Germany, San Antonio, Texas and elsewhere as their military family moved around the world. She now lives in Dallas while her mother, Gwen, lives in Pensacola.

-- LaTangela's son Soldier (yes, that's his actual first name) is a character in the book. She has learned a lot about the current state of bullying and bullying prevention programs in schools from him.

-- Even with today's emphasis on anti-bullying in schools, both LaTangela and Gwen feel the problem is getting worse. That's one reason behind the book. They hope that by creating the super villain Cyber Bully, they can put a face to the problem for kids.

-- Both LaTangela and Gwen are comfortable collaborating as a family and have done so on many projects in the past.

-- They are currently going to schools around the country talking to students about the book.  They also have the backing of Blue Star Families.