Dave Dunwoody, WUWF Public Media

The University of West Florida celebrated the grand opening of University Park Center on campus, part of the school’s inaugural Founders Week observance.

Ground was broken in October, 2016 for the  $7  million, 33,000 square foot facility, which brings extra space for a couple of growing health care programs.

“It brings Florida State University to our campus,” said UWF President Martha Saunders. “The FSU College of Medicine’s Pensacola Regional Campus will use this space as the home base of the FSU Physician Assistant Program.”

In this week’s Gulf Stories Moment, Dr. Alexis Janosik, assistant professor from the Department of Biology at the University of West Florida, discusses using environmental DNA to show evidence of lionfish in rivers and estuaries. 


Dave Dunwoody, WUWF Public Media

Coming off an appearance in the Division II national championship game, the University of West Florida Argonauts wrapped up drills on Saturday, with the annual Blue-Green spring football game. WUWF’s Dave Dunwoody was there.

About 1,000 fans, in folding chairs and on blankets, watched the Argos’ take Pen Air Field, exiting from the brand new University Park Center clad in Blue and Green jerseys.

For over a dozen years, April has been recognized as Financial Literacy Month in the U.S. A recent survey by Junior Achievement shows most students get information on managing money from their parents. Jack Kosakowski, the President and CEO of Junior Achievement USA. He says the results of their annual survey have remained pretty consistent. "That really puts a responsibility on parents. Beyond that, [students] then go down to social media sites to get [financial] information which, depending on which site they go to could be good or could be problematic.

It was 50 years ago that the United Methodist Church was born out of two separate congregations.

On April 23, 1968, the Uniting Conference between the Methodist and Evangelical United Brethren Churches was held in Dallas, Texas.

“Here we are this morning, gathered together from all over the world and from all sorts and conditions of men, to celebrate a birthday – our birthday – as the United Methodist Church,” said Rev. Albert Oliver, who delivered the sermon at the ceremony.

Gallery Night

Earth Day is being observed this weekend. Pensacola’s annual Earth Day Celebration is set for tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Bayview Park.  And,  this month’s Gallery Night event will feature an Earth Day theme.

"You know what we decided to do with Gallery Night is to spend each month 'theming' it, and this was just perfect with Gallery Night being one day from Earth Day," said Pensacola businessman Joe Abston, who's a volunteer member of the Gallery Night board.

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The group Race and Reconciliation will continue its ongoing discussion of racial tensions in Pensacola this Thursday evening at the J. Earle Bowden Building, downtown.

The organization is now putting the spotlight on the history of racial violence in the community.


With the coming of spring, the home building boom across Pensacola remains in full force. But human houses are not the only construction underway. Birds have been busily building their own nests.

And as with human construction, it doesn’t always go smoothly.

My wife and I collect bagged leaves to use for compost and mulch. The end of March and early April feature roadsides littered – in a good way – with bags stuffed with leaves raked up by homeowners ready to trade in their rakes for lawnmowers. / Alzheimer's Association

A distinguished group of researchers wants to redefine Alzheimer’s disease by focusing on biomarkers instead of symptoms, such as memory loss.

Animal Allies

Numerous animal rescue organizations are teaming up this weekend, seeking forever homes for a literal menagerie from around the Pensacola area. One of those groups is Animal Allies, which provides shelter to cats – and now to pigs.

It’s mid-morning at an undisclosed location and Crystal Ellard is handing out treats, cabbage and cucumbers, to the two dozen or so pigs of all ages and sizes. Like dogs, Ellard says pigs can be taught some basic commands.


New flags representing the University of West Florida were unfurled Monday in downtown Pensacola for the school's inaugural Founders Week.

Howard Reddy, Vice President for University Advancement, welcomed those gathered in front of the T.T. Wentworth State of Florida Museum on a windy, chilly morning.

“This week, Founders Week, we are celebrating our history,” Reddy said. “We celebrate our beginnings, our history, and most importantly our future.”

In this week’s Gulf Stories Moment, Dr. Della Scott-Ireton, associate director of the Florida Public Archaeology Network, discusses the 1992 discovery of the Luna shipwreck. 


Dave Dunwoody, WUWF Public Media

On a unanimous vote, the Pensacola City Council made history Thursday night, approving the first woman to lead the city’s Fire Department. WUWF’s Dave Dunwoody reports.

Ginny Cranor is a 20-year veteran of the department, and moves up from Battalion Chief.

“There have been other female fire chiefs in [Florida]; there was a female fire chief in Tallahassee that’s retired,” said Cranor. “But it’s a limited number. It’s an average of a little over 50 nationally from what I’ve heard.”

Bob Barrett / WUWF News

If you’re shopping for a used car or truck, there’s a new tool that could help steer you away from a lemon. "This partnership allows us to inform the customer first" said Scott Lunsford, the Escambia County Tax Collector, talking about a partnership between the Florida Tax Collector Association’s Service Corporation and a company called Auto Data Direct, to make title information available to consumers who are looking for a used vehicle. "It's information that's gathered by the federal government in the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System.

Dave Dunwoody, WUWF Public Media

The ribbon was cut at Baptist Cancer Institute, for its new and improved Cancer Infusion Center.

The renovation was two years in the making, at a cost of more than one million dollars. One hundred thousand of that came from businessman Quint Studer and his wife Rishy. The Studers contacted Baptist President and CEO Mark Faulkner about their planned gift, and asked Faulkner if he could come up with the best use for it.

Dave Dunwoody, WUWF Public Media

Former Congresswoman Gwen Graham brought her Democratic campaign for governor to Pensacola Tuesday morning. 

Graham spent part of her day working at the USO based at Pensacola International Airport. The visit was something of a throwback to her time in Congress, as a member of the House Armed Services Committee.


I’ve been happy to see the debate over the Taco Bell planned for Cervantes Street in East Hill. Just as with renewed interest in the development of downtown’s west side, and a surprisingly effective challenge to county development plans in Beulah, residents have reawakened to their ability to influence their community’s direction.

In this week’s Gulf Stories Moment, Michael Thomin, museum manager and research associate for the Florida Public Archaeology Network, discusses the historical differences between pirates and privateers. 



In what likely was a surprise to virtually no one in Florida, Governor Rick Scott announced his next political campaign on Monday at an Orlando construction firm.

Scott, in his trademark sky blue shirt and Navy baseball cap, said he’ll seek the Republican nomination in hopes of challenging incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson. Scott’s “Let’s Get to Work” mantra, used in two gubernatorial campaigns, will transfer to this race.

Bob Barrett / WUWF News

The Pensacola Blue Wahoos open up their 2018 home season Wednesday evening. "It seems like (the team) just started, but really, when you look back, it's hard to believe that the Wahoos haven't been here forever" said team owner Quint Studer, talking about the seventh season of Double A baseball in Pensacola