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ECUA, City Of Pensacola Talk Recycling Deal

May 9, 2018
Dave Dunwoody, WUWF Public Media

Almost two months after its vendor contract expired, the City of Pensacola is working on a new deal for the handling of its recyclables.

Tarpon Paper of Loxley, Alabama stopped accepting loads from Pensacola last September, and the contract expired in March. While residents continued to sort their trash and recyclables, it turns out both have been going to the same place.

“The materials are going to the landfill but I think as everyone knows, the global market is significantly depressed; and so we’re feeling the impact here,” said City Administrator Eric Olson.

West Florida Recycling

West Florida Recycling has filed for bankruptcy protection, as it seeks to rebound from what officials call a “perfect storm” of adversity.

Chief Executive Officer Larry Hoover says the “perfect storm” – including debts totaling $1 million -- led to the Chapter-11 filing.

“The issue with the storm water runoff and the flooding, the major drop in commodity prices over the last year, and they all kind of came together at once,” said Hoover.

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The Santa Rosa County Commission is at odds with the company providing recycling services to the county. But a resolution could come as early as Thursday morning’s regular meeting.

County Attorney Angela Jones says the complaints – such as overflowing drop-off sites, unattended properties, and a 30 thousand dollar debt owed to the county – are considered violations of the five-year contract signed in 2012. County Administrator Hunter Walker concurred, but added that short of the county going back into the recycling business, they have no other choice.