Spring Break

In this week’s Economic Report, Dr. Rick Harper discusses the start of spring break, the latest job growth and unemployment statistics, and “stress tests” for the nation’s biggest banks.

Across northwest Florida, Panama City has the strongest spring break season.

Even though students spending their spring break on area beaches this week have more fog than sun, Harper says economic indicators are pointing to a good spring break period across the board.

Photo via Flickr// GW Fins / https://flic.kr/p/bjEnQb

Depending on the school, spring break is either here or just around the corner. Many hitting the beach and other locales could end up victims of so-called “date rape” drugs or underage drinking.

Sneaking something into a drink is nothing new. “Mickey Finns” were around when our great-grandparents were spring breakers.  Denise Manassa, at the Community Drug and Alcohol Council in Pensacola, says these days date rape drugs are known as “roofies” and other names.

If gas prices are on the rise, we must be getting close to spring break. 

Lifeguards returned to the beaches of Santa Rosa Island and Perdido Key this weekend, and are preparing for spring breakers and the 2014 summer tourist season.