Pensacola City Council

ST Aerospace
4:20 pm
Wed February 26, 2014

Pensacola City Council Will Vote On ST Aerospace Funding Deal

Credit ST Aerospace

The Pensacola City Council is expected to make a final decision Thursday evening, on a financial package to bring ST Aerospace – and at least 300 jobs -- to land adjacent to Pensacola International Airport.

City officials held a town hall meeting Tuesday night at the Vickery Center to explain the project and get feedback. Issues such as noise, traffic and environmental concerns were addressed by representatives from the city, the airport, and Bill Haffner -- Vice President of Operations for ST’s Mobile plant.

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Pensacola Blanket Law
9:02 pm
Thu February 13, 2014

Blankets Again Legal on Pensacola City Property


The Pensacola City Council Thursday voted unanimously for an amendment to the homeless ordinance regarding “camping” on city property and the use of blankets and other covering while doing so.

The Council approved the ordinance last May, with strong backing from Mayor Ashton Hayward and his staff. Attorney Alistair McKenzie told the panel that the backlash from the ordinance has extended well beyond the city limits.

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OHM Deal Rejected
2:49 pm
Fri January 24, 2014

Council Rejects Airport Concessions Deal

Credit Pensacola International Airport

The Pensacola City Council Thursday evening deadlocked in voting on a food and drink concessions deal for Pensacola International Airport. The 4-4 outcome means the proposal fails.

Council members PC Wu, Megan Pratt, Charles Bare and Sherri Myers voted against the connection plan. Those voting in favor were Jewell Cannada-Wynn, Larry B. Johnson, Andy Terhaar and Gerald Wingate. Councilman Brian Spencer abstained.

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Airport Concessions
8:27 am
Thu January 23, 2014

Council Could Decide Airport Concessions

An airport concession contract has pitted local business owners against Mayor Hayward as well as an outside concession group.
Credit Joe Vinson

  The Pensacola City Council could take a final vote Thursday evening, on a concessions deal for Pensacola International Airport. A vote would end a four-month layover.

In this corner, Pensacola Brands – featuring the Fish House, Bagelhead’s and Varona’s, and backed by New York-based Creative Food Group. In the other corner, OHM Foods – a Missouri-based firm representing Chick-fil-A, Corona Beach House, Surf City Squeeze and Einstein Brothers Bagels.

And the choice for the ten-year, $1.8 million contracts, selected by a five-member committee , is -- OHM.

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2013 In Review
6:27 pm
Fri December 27, 2013

2013 In Review: Pensacola Approves Domestic Partnership

Credit City of Pensacola

On an 8-1 vote in mid-December, the Pensacola City Council approved a domestic partnership registry – or DPR – which will ensure a number of rights to hundreds of unmarried couples.

Sponsored by Councilman Larry B. Johnson, the DPR will be open to cohabiting, unmarried adults — both gay and straight — to register as domestic partners. Those who live outside the Pensacola city limits are also eligible. Applications are expected to be accepted beginning in March, for a fee which – along with other nuts and bolts – will be determined between now and then.

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Domestic Partnership
7:36 am
Fri December 13, 2013

Council Votes On Domestic Partnership

If a domestic partnership registry is approved, certificates such as those issued in Minneapolis, MN will be available in Pensacola.

Update: On a historic 8-1 vote, the Pensacola City Council approves establishment of a domestic partnership registry.

The Pensacola City Council is expected to decide this (Thurs) evening, on creation of a domestic partnership registry for the city. Preliminary approval was given last month and the bill’s second and final reading is just prior to the vote.

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City Council
11:30 am
Thu November 14, 2013

City Council Mulls Domestic Partnership

Supporters for the Domestic Partnership Registry wore red to Thursday's city council meeting.
Credit City of Pensacola

Legal decisions and hospital visitation are among the rights currently not afforded to the nearly three thousand unmarried Pensacolians who cohabitate.

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