Paul Lux

Municipal Elections Could Change FWB City Charter

Feb 23, 2015
Danielle Freeman

This year’s municipal elections are right around the corner, and Ft. Walton Beach’s ballot is overflowing:  the city has seven referenda aimed at changing the city’s charter.

The amendments range from establishing residency requirements for city council members and the mayor, to setting term limits of no more than two full consecutive terms in the mayor’s office. Another item on the ballot will call for a unanimous council vote or public referendum to disband the police and fire departments. / Our Mission: Your Vote Consortium

 Almost $1.9 million in federal grant money will help the Okaloosa County Elections Office to increase their ability to offer electronic ballots to overseas voters. Supervisor of Elections Paul Lux says the money will be used to bring 21 additional Florida counties into the Our Mission: Your Vote   consortium that he founded in 2010. With the original federal grant of $1.6 million in 2011, the Our Mission: Your Vote program began as a consortium of 13 Florida Counties who came together to provide access to some of the hardest to reach voters for every federal election through 2016.