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Despite repeated assurances that Florida waters will be exempt from a White House plan to expand oil and gas, proponents of drilling off the state’s coastline aren’t giving up.

“Explore Offshore” is a multi-state coalition that’s been formed by the Washington-based American Petroleum Institute. Its aim is to support the Trump administration’s plan to open parts of the now-protected Atlantic Ocean and eastern Gulf of Mexico.

Bobby Kreiner/ Creative Commons

The Trump administration’s decision to exclude Florida from the expansion of offshore oil and gas drilling is drawing both clapping hands and raised eyebrows.

After meeting with Governor Rick Scott at the Tallahassee Airport on Tuesday, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said that drilling in the eastern Gulf of Mexico and off Florida’s Atlantic coast would be "off the table." 

U.S. Dept. of the Interior

The Trump administration is calling for a vast expansion of offshore oil and gas drilling from the Atlantic to the Arctic oceans, including opening up federal waters off the coast Florida. 

Thursday’s announcement comes in response to President Trump's executive order in April encouraging more drilling rights in federal waters.