Operation Photo Rescue
12:50 pm
Wed August 6, 2014

Volunteer Photo Restoration Possible After Flooding

Credit Operation Photo Rescue

Operation Photo Rescue is saving memories, one disaster at a time. And, the organization is now considering whether to come to the Pensacola area in the wake of the extensive damage from the local flooding event in April.

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Flood Recovery
11:25 am
Wed June 11, 2014

Could Rethinking Development Mitigate Flood Damage?

Admiral Mason Park is an example of attractive stormwater retention.
City of Pensacola

When it comes to shaping cities and neighborhoods, since the late 1940s, urban developers have catered developments to the invention and expansion of the automobile. Cars allowed people to spread out more and paved the way for urban sprawl. This concept of spreading everything out, in turn can result in “pressure that pushes us into more marginal areas for development than we would otherwise.” That’s according to Christian Wagley, a local environmental advocate and green building consultant. What happens when development occurs in those “more marginal areas”?

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Flood Recovery
10:22 am
Wed May 21, 2014

Flooded? Here's How To Get Help

Representatives from the Florida State Emergency Response Team conducted a meeting Tuesday for public assistance applicants where SERT and FEMA reps outlined the available assistance and the eligibility standards.

Steve Hyatt, the Public Assistance Officer for the Florida Division of Emergency Management’s Bureau of Recovery, spoke at the Escambia County Emergency Operations Center. There to listen were people representing the local governments and various non-profits that took hits in last month’s storms and flooding.

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Storm Debris Removal
2:38 pm
Tue May 13, 2014

Escambia, Santa Rosa Tackling Post-Storm Debris

An Operation Blessing volunteer helps remove debris from flooding.
Credit Photo courtesy www.operationblessing.org

Dump trucks are making regular trips to and from landfills in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties, discarding massive amounts of storm-related debris collected from area residences.

Emerald Coast Utilities Authority has about 20 crews out picking up the storm debris. As the flood waters in many areas began to recede, ECUA began their work on May 4 in the Bristol Park subdivision.

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Flood Recovery
4:44 pm
Wed May 7, 2014

Local Nonprofits Recovering After Flood

First City Art Center

Some local nonprofit organizations suffered losses during the recent storm and flooding. Among those is Open Books, a nonprofit bookstore and home to the prison books project. Steven Kell is a volunteer at Open Books who has been involved with the cleanup since last Wednesday.

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Local News
4:03 pm
Wed May 7, 2014

Carl Wernicke: Ice, Flooding, Sunshine, And Climate Change

Credit IHMC

Watching last week’s great flood from out of town was unsettling. We had been in Pittsburg for a nephew’s college graduation, and on that Tuesday night found ourselves on a plane circling Pensacola.

The pilot said heavy rain over the airport was delaying our arrival, but don’t worry, we have plenty of fuel. 20 minutes later he said there was still a nasty storm cell over the airport and he was waiting for it to move.

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Flood Recovery
5:01 pm
Tue May 6, 2014

Latest Damage Assessments: Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa

Credit Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission// Lt. Brian Lambert

Santa Rosa County

Damage assessments from last week’s storms continue to roll in. Looking at private property, Escambia is now reporting more than 3,200 homes damaged, with 13 destroyed; 117 businesses were damaged. Okaloosa is reporting a $3.3 million in damage to at least 285 homes. For more on Santa Rosa County, WUWF’s Sandra Averhart spoke to Property Appraiser Greg Brown.

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Post Flood Mosquitoes
3:18 pm
Tue May 6, 2014

After The Flood, A Mosquito Baby Boom?

With standing water leftover from flooding there could be an increase in mosquitoes.
Credit Photo via Flickr//John Tann

Local officials are trying to get ahead of a potential boom of mosquitoes in the next week or so.

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Economic Report
6:20 pm
Fri May 2, 2014

Harper: Flooding Expensive For Governments, Residents

Dr. Rick Harper
Credit University of West Florida

In this week's Economic Report, Dr. Rick Harper discusses the recent flood event and the expected high cost of repairing the damage to roads, infrastructure and other government and private property, likely in the hundreds of millions of dollars in each case.

The unexpectedly large volume of rainfall, up to 27 inches in some areas, brought floodwaters to some areas that had never flooded before. That means many homeowners will be forced to foot the bill for repairs themselves. 

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Flood Recovery
3:04 pm
Fri May 2, 2014

Residents Clean Up After Flood

Flooding outside the Floridatown home where Joshua Condon has lived for 8 years.
Credit Joshua Condon

After Tuesday night’s deluge, local government officials, business owners, and residents across the region had little rain to deal with as they began to pick up the pieces from this week’s floods.

As much as 27 inches were recorded in some areas over a 30 hour period.

The floodwaters left some residents stranded. While many were pulled to safety on Wednesday, with equipment and assistance from the state, a final round of checks was underway on Thursday.

Daniel Hahn, Emergency Management Plans Chief for Santa Rosa County.

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