email technology

City of Pensacola


Less than a month after implementing it, City Administrator Eric Olson is tossing out an email policy for city employees. The action came after Olson discussed the matter with the City Attorney and State Attorney’s Office.

Essentially, emails to and from City Hall must now be handled in the same manner as any other public record, regardless of source. That comes after Olson’s call to the work supervisor of Melanie Nichols, an NAS Pensacola employee who’s also President of the North Hill Preservation Association, regarding emails sent from a Navy account to City Hall.

Escambia County Commissioner Gene Valentino may have violated Florida’s public records law, with personal emails sent to an advisor to the reality TV show “Party Down South.” The State Attorney’s Office is reviewing the allegation.

Escambia County Attorney Allison Rogers says it all began with a records request to her office from a Doug Underhill, who was opposed to “Party Down South” filming at Pensacola Beach.