350 Pensacola


The environmental group 350 Pensacola is hosting a presentation on the future of transportation in northwest Florida Tuesday evening.

You might wonder, what’s an environmental group doing in the world of road and highway construction?

“Their main goal is to reduce greenhouse gases through a variety of different ways,” said Brandi Whitehurst with the West Florida Regional Planning Council. “This meeting focuses on how transportation can help.”

Larry Chamblin

350 Pensacola hosted a talk this week on climate change and why there’s such a deep divide over the issue. The event was held Tuesday, July 7 at the Bayview Senior Resource Center. Larry Chamblin, a local climate activist and member of 350 Pensacola, made the presentation, titled: “Public Opinion, Politics, and the Challenge of Communicating Climate Change.”

“It’s a huge challenge,” says Chamblin, referencing the split public opinion.