LISTEN: At The Finish Line In Boston With Brian Spencer

Apr 21, 2014

Credit Brian Spencer

Pensacola City Councilman Brian Spencer ran his fifth Boston Marathon on Monday. After the race he spoke with WUWF's Bob Barrett on his cell phone from the finish line. They started with the atmosphere at the start of the race.

Brian Spencer says, "Absolutely celebratory and at the same time solemn... more than 30,000 people observed a moment of silence."

On running by the blast site:

"I wanted to focus on the families and the victims who were affected by this event. I think I did that."

On the atmosphere of the run:

"It was louder than I recall than my previous Boston Marathons- and the signs that they held- Boston Strong... there were signs everywhere, printed signs, schoolchildren holding signs, it was obvious Bostonians wanted runners to return with a memory that was unparalleled."

On the security:

"At the athlete's village there were low-flying helicopters... I'm looking up right now I see a helicopter above Boylston. I think they concentrated on where we were before the race and as people congregated at the finish line."

Spencer's overarching memory of this year:

"I will not forget hearing the reinforcement, the gratitude, from every Bostonian from every walk of life. From the cabdriver, to the 7-11, to the concierge at the hotels, there is not a single citizen or worker in Boston that has not extended themselves, asked if we were here for the run and relayed their gratitude."

On his run time of 3:59:30:

"Acceptable! Not stellar."