Intern Alex Ortega Reflects On A Week At WUWF

Feb 9, 2018

Hello my name is Alexander Ortega. I am fourteen years old and am interning this week at WUWF Public Media, under the Montessori School of Pensacola Internship Program. The main goal of the internship program is to give students like myself, real world working experience at a business of interest. I decided on working at WUWF after some thought, and the cancellation of my possible internship at another business. 

I am interning at WUWF because I’m hoping it could help me with public speaking, and learning how a radio station works. I have contemplated many profession options from being a manga artist (which is a Japanese form of drawing) to a soldier. I have also been interested in story creation and directing, which I think WUWF can help me with. I feel like the station covers local news occurrences and delves deeper in international news when compared to other stations.

But, you’re a listener, so you already know all of this. I believe spending time in this kind of environment could help me with my career goals. I feel that in terms of public speaking, the station helps me in learning on how to build an argument based on fact. If the argument is based on an opinion then the points brought up may not be strong and the entire point trying to be made could be dismissed as it is not entirely factual. I also feel that if a decision is made using logic rather than emotion it is good as emotions can sometimes get the better of us and we might create a regrettable situation.   

I feel that radio is a quick and efficient way that people can report news and host opinions about topics of interest that the radio outlet finds appropriate, relevant, and interesting. Other forms of media that can be faster on occasion are social media outlets such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, which allow  people to post information almost immediately, but the statements made may be opinion based and not factual. I feel that WUWF Radio has a strong work ethic and is a reliable news outlet for both local and international news. I feel that the staff at WUWF are responsible and caring, which you already know, but just thought I should say. I believe these two attributes to be important as I personally value care and work ethic over profits and an end result.

I am not sure whether or not this internship will affect my future occupation as I am usually switching between interests. Several of my fellow peers are interning at businesses such as a veterinarian hospital and a law firm office. After our internships we will converse about our experiences at each individual businesses. 

I like to know and understand what is occurring in the world and know some people think that kids my age are just sitting around playing Call of Duty, screaming into a headset mic, listening to Ricegum diss tracks, and watching another H3H3 productions reaction prank all day, and not having a care in the world what happens, but truth be told there are kids like that. Opposite end to that there are kids who want to get involved with the world, make an impact and do something to return to the community, and it’s important that we do as the world changes fast - and our communities expect something in return for their help. Anyway that’s all I have to say and would wish everyone listening or not a happy day and good future.