Harper: Florida Made-For-Trade, Interest Rates, & Tax Day

Apr 17, 2014

Credit Uiniversity of West Florida

Time now for our weekly review of the region’s economy with Dr. Rick Harper – Director of the UWF Office of Economic Development and Engagement, and advisor to the Florida Senate.

Interview Highlights:

  • Made-for-Trade- the regional rollout of the Chamber of Commerce's project to raise awareness about local and international trade for the state. Harper says, "There is a lot of potential." He is optimistic in particular about the possibilities of medical tourism.
  • "The Fed is giving savers a loud and clear message that they ought to be shifting into riskier assets. Wall Street loves it when stocks become more attractive....interest rates will stay low for a sustained amount of time."
  • "I wish over time the U.S. would move away from the income tax system... why not shift that over to a consumption-based tax that would raise a comparable amount of revenue and not penalize going to work everyday. It's also important for trade."