Gulf Power Crews To Help Restore Power In Texas

Dec 5, 2013

Crews from Gulf Power are en route to help restore power to customers in Texas as a major ice storm moves across the region. According to the ice storm could be the worst to hit the US in years and has the potential to leave millions across the southern plains without power.  Gulf Power Spokesman Jeff Rogers says they have crews ready to go and help with the restoration efforts.

The crews from Gulf Power are heading out to the Dallas area to aid crews from Oncor, the utility that serves about 10 million customers in northeast and west central Texas.

Credit Associated Press

Gulf Power workers have volunteered for this assignment.  The expense for this trip will be paid for by the host utility in the area and Oncor will be dispatching all of the crews in the area during this project. 

Crews from Gulf Power have made road trips like this before.  Like Jeff said they helped out in the northeast during the Hurricane Sandy restoration...and there exists a sort of fraternity among the companies that benefits everyone concerned.

The crews have packed to stay in Texas for a maximum of two weeks, though they won't know exactly how long they'll be staying until they survey the damage.