Eco Minute Tuesday October 6, 2015

Oct 6, 2015

Get creative with your outdoor Halloween and other decorations and keep the three R’s in mind.  Reduce the amount or money you spend on decorations by looking for reusable items and make sure that if you are using one-time use decorations be sure to use only recyclable or compostable material.   Autumn decorating practically screams for the use of natural objects as outdoor decorations.  You can be stylishly savvy with cornstalks, branches, colorful leaves, and of course the traditional Halloween pumpkin — all of which can be composted when you’re taking down your Halloween scene.  And lastly, make sure to use eco-friendly LED light bulbs to keep your front yard lit without running up the electricity bill.  They may cost a bit more now. But they’ll make it up lasting years longer.