Eco Minute October 14, 2015

Oct 14, 2015

Have you considered how eco-friendly your child’s lunch is?  This is Carrie Stevenson with the EcoMinute.  When I host school field trips, I always cringe at the juice pouches, plastic sandwich bags, and water bottles tossed in the garbage after lunch.  Most kids are off to a good start by taking a reusable lunch bag or box to school, but reusable water bottles and sandwich containers will reduce waste and save money throughout the year on plastic baggies and juice pouches.  Another good tip is to buy snacks (like crackers, yogurt, and trail mix) in bulk and send them in a reusable container, instead of spending the extra money on individually wrapped portions.  In addition, talk to your child’s teacher about recycling plastic and composting at school!  Many schools recycle, and there are several have compost bins.  After lunch, those banana peels, apple cores, and leftover carrots (along with the teachers’ coffee grounds!) can be thrown into the bin and used for a school garden.