Eco Minute August 18, 2014

Aug 18, 2014

Be An Eco Hound
Credit Jem Sullivan

Do you have a piece of furniture that has seen better days?  Instead of trashing it, why not give it a facelift?  Refurbishing is not only a cost-effective means of reusing existing furniture, but it also reduces energy usage and provides many environmental benefits. There are numerous websites where you can get great suggestions on ways to refurbish old furniture. 

One suggestion was to replace the top of a worn table with a mosaic or decoupage; in fact one idea was to use broken tiles, old bottle caps, and pieces of favorite china which had been broken and give new life both to the furniture and the china and keep them all out of the landfill.  Other ideas are to paint, refinish, recover, decoupage with fabric scraps, or buy an inexpensive slip cover.