Eco Minute August 15, 2014

Aug 18, 2014

Be An Eco Hound
Credit Jem Sullivan

Are you wondering what to do with all those things you can’t recycle like yogurt containers and egg cartons?  Why not consider donating them to your local elementary school for their art program or a local child care center.  These places go through a lot of resources every day and they can reuse a lot of our so called trash to make treasures and memories our children bring home. 

An oatmeal container makes a great drum, yogurt and butter containers can store small objects or be used to mix paint, egg cartons make great sorters.  Even if you no longer have young children, you can supply some of the community support to help educate all of our children. Be sure to call the school or child care center to be certain they have the need and the room to store these items.