Driving Home For Christmas? It's Going To Be Busy.

Dec 18, 2013

Credit Michael Wyszomierski

If you're planning on doing some traveling for the holidays you are not alone.  According to Jessica Brady, a spokesperson for AAA, this will be the busiest holiday travel season on record, with an estimated 94.5 million Americans traveling at least 50 miles from home during the two week period. They estimate the average round trip will be a little over 800 miles. In Florida the number of travelers will be up slightly from last year.

AAA does have research into what makes this year busier for travel than last year and surprisingly the economy is not much of a factor.  This year holiday travel season is two weeks long and includes two weekends.

Hotel rooms are a bit less expensive than last year at this time but if you plan on renting a car to travel you'll be paying about $8 a day more than last year.  And then there is the price of gas.  Trying to predict pump prices this year has been about as easy as guessing the Mega Millions numbers.   AAA expects some more ups and downs on gas prices.

AAA has some common sense tips for safe travel, including making sure your car is in good shape before hitting the road, taking along cold weather supplies if you are heading north and, if you are flying, give yourself plenty of time by getting to the airport early.  Plus, make sure gifts are unwrapped before flying because security will just unwrap them if they need to be inspected.

And above all, bring along your sense of humor and patience.