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Josh is a 2014 graduate of UWF. He hosts the afternoon program line-up on WUWF between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.  weekdays, and is a reporter for WUWF News. He has published concert reviews in Infectious and Get Amped magazines, and also has written for The Voyager and Argo Verge. He hosts a music program on Radio Free Pensacola, The Salt Mines. He also enjoys writing and performing music .

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Whether you would consider yourself to be someone who attends their fair share of music events in your local community or not, or even if you aren’t much of a music person at all, there’s one thing you can most likely attest to: the music scene is, for the most part, undeniably run by men.



That’s where Lady Fest comes in.

University of West Florida

Entering college for the first time can definitely be an overwhelming season filled with questions regarding class schedules, finding out how to get plugged in with different campus activities, feelings of homesickness, and of course the ever changing question of what to major in.

That’s where College Survival Skills, a class long offered by many colleges and universities, including the University of West Florida, can come in handy for many first time students trying to find their feet as they get used to life as a college student.

For the first time since the organization began “hardening homes” in 2008, REBUILD Northwest Florida has extended their services from homesteads to rental home owners as well, with its new hurricane mitigation program.

Garrett Walton, director at REBUILD Northwest Florida, says they’re doing this for the community, and rental homes are a significant part of the community, so they felt it was time to offer their services to these homes as well.

Courtesy of NAS Whiting Field

NAS Whiting Field has two main air fields: North and South. In the North field, they conduct pilot training for fixed wing aircraft, primarily the T-6 Texan. In the South field, they conduct training for TH-57 helicopters.
Two of the runways in their South field have been scheduled to have some repairs done to them, beginning in a few months.

Jay Cope, Public Affairs Officer for NAS Whiting Field, says the repairs are standard and to be expected after so many years.

Josh Morton

  "Music for Families" started on Saturday at about 9:30, with virtually the entire second floor of the Saenger Theatre filled with activity stations. There were science displays from the Pensacola MESS Hall and the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC), an arts and crafts table for kids to make masquerade masks out of paper plates, and a concert from the orchestra to cap it all off.  

Gulf Coast Lionfish Coalition

Pensacola is hosting the first ever annual Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day Festival and Tournament this weekend. The event is being organized by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, in conjunction with the Gulf Coast Lionfish Coalition and several other local partners. The goal is to raise awareness about the threat lionfish are posing to the Gulf Coast ecosystem and fisheries.

Josh Morton

Last week almost 40 older adult drivers showed up to take part in the first ever CarFit event to be held at the University of West Florida. CarFit is an educational program that looks at issues older drivers may be having, and seeks to find and present solutions to these issues, bringing about a better sense of safety and comfort to the drivers and the vehicles they are being fitted for.

Fran Carlin-Rogers, a national CarFit instructor, drove up from Orlando to do the training for all of the participating CarFit volunteers as well as run the event itself. 

Joshua Morton

With Spring Break now coming to an end for a majority of college students across the country, many will return to the classroom with stories of days and nights spent partying down in Daytona or Panama City Beach. Some students, however, invested their time in what is commonly referred to as an “alternative spring break,” building homes for families in need.

For nearly three decades, Habitat for Humanity has welcomed thousands of vacationing students.

University of West Florida

With fall s'mester just around the corner, students at the University of West Florida only have a few weeks left to make the most of what’s left of their summer vacay. I took a walk around the campus and asked the handful of students I could find how they had been spending their summer so far.

David Giampa will be a junior this fall and is studying maths and economic. Outside of class and his job as a tutor in the maths lab on campus. He says he hasn’t been up to much. 

Dana Morton

Update at end of story.

People who live in the Wedgewood area are starting to gain some traction in their effort to get local, state, and federal officials to do something about the pollution coming from nearby borrow pits and landfills. The Escambia County Commission is now considering a six-month moratorium on the permitting and re-permitting of borrow pits and landfills in the Wedgewood area.  The move toward a moratorium follows the July 22 tour of some of the facilities by Commission Chairman Lumon May and State Representative Mike Hill.