Eco Minute

Producer and Host
Dr. Enid Sisskin received her PhD from Columbia University in Pathobiology. She has worked as an environmental activist for more than 20 years. She is currently on the faculty of the School of Allied Health and Life Sciences at the University of West Florida. She is the creator of the Eco Minute and has produced & hosted the series since 2005. Her interests include continuing to garden despite yearly failures and she continues to work for environmental protection with her husband and children. She is also everyone's favorite Jewish mother and stage manager at RadioLive.

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May is Clean Air Month - a time to think about what you can do to help keep our air clean. This is the EcoMinute, and I am Mary Gutierrez, Executive Director for Earth Ethics, Inc. We can all make positive steps to improve the quality of our air. Ways we can improve air quality are often based around reducing our use of electricity and using transportation more efficiently.

Air pollution remains a serious threat to all of our health. Our community needs to provide healthy air for all our citizens.  This is the EcoMinute and I’m Patsy Malley.  Air pollution is more dangerous for some people. Infants, children, senior citizens, anyone with lung diseases like asthma, people with heart disease or diabetes, and anyone who works or exercises outdoors are at risk.   Thanks to the commitment of a generation of Lung Association volunteers and staff, we have helped bring about real progress in cleaning up our air.