Lindsay Myers

Moments of silence, prayers, hymns and remembrances were held Friday, observing the 14th anniversary of the terrorist attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. One of them was held aboard NAS Pensacola.

The 40-minute observance in the Naval Aviation Museum’s atrium was attended by a number of civilians and uniformed military personnel representing all five service branches. Base commander, Capt. Keith Hoskins, bid them welcome.


 In this week’s Economic Report, Dr. Rick Harper discusses unemployment, job creation and the promise and limitations of the information technology sector to Northwest Florida’s economy. 

The Labor Department reported Thursday that weekly applications for unemployment benefits had dropped by 6,000, to a seasonally adjusted 275,000. That is a positive sign for the nation’s economy, Harper said. 

“Initial jobless claims look good,” he said. “We are at a four-week moving average that’s well below 300,000 now.” 


Houston, Texas-based DeepFlex is busy these days at the Port of Pensacola on two fronts: paying off liens against the project, and moving forward with building its facility to make underwater pipe for the oil and gas industry.

In June, DeepFlex secured emergency funding through its parent company in Brazil. One factor in the slowdown has been oil prices dropping to or below 40 dollars per barrel. But Port Director Amy Miller says construction is inching ahead with a small crew that’s enclosing the building.

One Blood

The supply of O-Negative blood is currently at extremely low levels, thanks to high usage in area hospitals.  An immediate appeal is being issued for all donors with that type to give ASAP.

O-Negative blood is the so-called “universal” blood type, meaning any patient can receive it regardless of their own blood type.  Because of that, O-negative is used extensively for trauma patients, premature babies, cancer patients and emergency surgeries.


The year long reorganization of the various colleges at the University of West Florida has concluded with the announcement of the new College of Health. "To watch a team come together is about the most rewarding thing that I do" said Dr. Martha Saunders, Provost and Executive Vice president of the University of West Florida. She was speaking earlier this year about the reorganization of the colleges at UWF. The final step of that reorganization was announced last week with the formation of the College of Health.

Google Maps

Travelers driving through the Pensacola area are advised to use caution, when approaching and going through a pair of major bridge projects.  

Work on the Escambia Bay Bridge on Interstate-10 began last week, at a cost of $38.6 million.

“[Construction] probably will last about nine months; there will still be two lanes of traffic in that area, they’ll just be a traffic shift,” said Ian Satter at the Florida Department of Transportation in Quincy.


The great scientist E.O. Wilson, who grew up and developed his love for nature in South Alabama and Northwest Florida, has a new book coming out. In it he proposes setting aside half the planet in human-free zones devoted to nature. He believes these natural spaces would give declining wildlife populations room to recover, and halt the ongoing extinction of thousands of species.

Santa Rosa County officials are looking 30 years into the future, and are asking residents for ideas on how to get there.

First of all, just what is a “comprehensive plan?” For that, we turn to Don Salter, who chairs the Santa Rosa County Commission.

“[It] pretty much identifies a long-range plan on how you’re going to continue to develop your county,” said Salter. “Land use, concurrency on highways, school concurrency, protection of your rural farmlands. And the requirements necessary to support that growth.”

Florida’s new standardized test for public-school students is valid according to a new study. The state Department of Education says that paves the way for the exam to be used in teacher evaluations and school grades.

The study on the Florida Standards Assessment was conducted by Alpine Testing Solutions and edCount, LLC, and gets a thumbs-up from Education Secretary Pam Stewart.

University of West Florida

In this week’s Economic Report, Dr. Rick Harper discusses the availability of $5 million in economic development incentives to companies relocating or expanding in Northwest Florida.

“This is part of the $30 million allocation that was appropriated by the legislature several years ago, for the purpose of implementing an economic development program for Northwest Florida,” said Harper that the dollars were initially intended to be used specifically to “close the deal,” with businesses interested in creating jobs in the region.