Blue Angels Return To Scheduled Shows

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U.S. Navy

The U.S. Navy Blue Angels will return to its 2016 demonstration schedule July 2-4 in Traverse City, Michigan, Commander, Naval Air Forces announced.

The Blue Angels temporarily stood down, canceling three weekend shows following a crash on June 2 during a practice in Smyrna, Tennessee, in which Marine Capt. Jeff Kuss was killed.

The Team will fly a modified five jet demonstration in Traverse City, along with Fat Albert, the Blue Angels C-130.

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  Stock markets are plunging amid Britain's vote to leave the European Union. The shock waves in the U.S. are being felt on both Wall Street and Main Street.

Brexit won approval by a 52-48% margin on Thursday. “Unexpected” is how UWF economist Rick Harper put it, during his weekly economic report.

“The polling was dead wrong,” said Harper. “As late as Thursday there had been as much as an 85% probability placed by markets, on the likelihood of [the UK] remaining in the European Union.”

Santa Rosa County

   Jayer Williamson has resigned from the Santa Rosa County Board of Commissioners, effective immediately. The move, announced Thursday, was necessary to move ahead with his plans to run for State House of Representatives District 3, but came a bit earlier than anticipated.

Also, it leaves the county commission with just four members, pending the election or appointment of a replacement by Gov. Rick Scott.

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Ramel Price plays violin in the University of West Florida Runge String Orchestra, and he practices for four hours every day.

“I love the violin because I think that more than any other instrument it has the power to move people,” Price said. “I love the tone, the sound.”

  In this week’s Economic Report, Dr. Rick Harper discusses the British exit from the European Union and what it means for the world’s economy.

On Thursday, voters in the United Kingdom unexpectedly voted to exit the European Economic Union in a historic referendum, and the world economic markets were caught off guard.

“Polling was dead wrong,” Harper said. “As late as Thursday, there had been as much as an 85 percent probability placed by markets on the likelihood of remaining in the European Union, but Britain has voted to leave.”

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Marco Rubio wants to keep his current job. The former Republican presidential candidate says he’s decided to run for re-election to his Florida U-S Senate seat after weeks of denials.

Three months and 180 degrees later, Rubio issued a statement saying it’s important for him to continue in public service during what he calls a “critical time for the nation.” He reiterated his decision on Fox News.


Over more than 30 years as a reporter and editor at the Pensacola News Journal, I watched certain  community issues that never seemed to go away. Everyone agreed on the problem, but no one could agree on a solution.

So we debated the problem, over and over.

One such evergreen issue is traffic on Pensacola Beach. Actually, it’s two problems. Traffic, and parking.

I see no real solution for parking. This area is growing, and tourism is growing. What isn’t growing is the size of the beach. There simply isn’t room.

University of West Florida

As the University of West Florida looks to its 50th anniversary, it’s also considering its future. UWF has begun to lay the groundwork for the challenging task of achieving ‘emerging preeminent’ status as one of the top research institutions in the state and nation.

If you’re planning a boating excursion this weekend that includes alcohol, it’s best you leave the imbibing to those not behind the wheel.

“Operation Dry Water 2016” is set for this Friday through Sunday, June 24-26. It’s part of a nationwide crackdown on BUI – boating under the influence. FWC Lt. Seth Wagner with says being sober is part of knowing your vessel and yourself. The rule of thumb is: when in doubt of the situation, go slow.

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 State Senator Greg Evers’ Facebook page promoting a drawing for an AR-15 has been shut down by the social media outlet. The drawing is receiving scrutiny from other quarters as well.

Evers is one of five candidates seeking the Republican nomination in the August 30 primary to succeed Jeff Miller. Facebook says the page violated its terms and “promoted graphic violence.”

Escambia Votes

Monday marked the start of qualifying for candidates wishing to run for state and local offices in the August 30th primary. The deadline is noon on Friday.  

As of Monday, there were 45 candidates listed on, for local offices ranging from Escambia County Commission to Mayor of Century. Supervisor of Elections David Stafford says there were a few early birds among them.

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Naval Air Station-Whiting Field welcomes the arrival of the 148th and final T-6B Texan II aircraft on Tuesday, signaling the complete changeover for Training Air Wing Five.  The last such aircraft will arrive from the Beechcraft factory in Wichita, Kansas in a three plane formation joined by the first T-6B and the yellow centennial T-6B.


Base spokesman Jay Cope says they’ll land at North Field, with a ceremony scheduled at the hang

ar for 3:00.  


U.S. Navy Blue Angels

The Blue Angels have restarted training flights in preparation to resume their air show season schedule.

"We are back, Blue Angels Fans!" were the words beginning a Twitter post Thursday. "Today the team returns to the skies after our operational pause."

The U.S. Navy’s Flight Demonstration  Squadron flew its first training flight in a "Big V" formation, with five aircraft, over the Pensacola area Thursday Morning.  The flight took place at about 9:30 a.m. and was visible over downtown Pensacola, Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key.


The Federal Reserve met this week and decided once again not to raise interest rates, but the effect of that decision to do nothing is still making waves in the larger economy.

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Summer heat does not have to leave you wilted or cause you to skip your normal exercise routine. Make the best of it without putting yourself in danger.

As temperatures climb, keep certain safety tips in mind, said Dr. Ludmila Cosio-Lima, professor of exercise science at the University of West Florida. Cosio-Lima specializes in studying the state of the human body during exercise.

She said one of the most important things to remember is to hydrate before, during and after exercise.