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WUWF Public Media consists of radio, television and internet services. WUWF FM is a listener supported public radio station licensed to the Board of Trustees of the University of West Florida, located in Pensacola, Florida. The station is a member of National Public Radio, Florida Public Radio, American Public Media and Public Radio International. The station's main signal is broadcast on 88.1 FM with a non-directional power output of 100,000 watts from a 1,000 foot tower located in Midway, Florida. The primary antenna array is centered at 187.2 meters (614 feet).

WUWF operates in HD (Hybrid Digital) mode, providing the opportunity to multicast, which means three separate radio channels are available via HD receivers: WUWF FM-1, WUWF FM-2 and WUWF FM-3. On January 31, 2011, the entire broadcast schedule of WUWF FM-2 was switched to a classical music format. On September 26, 2011 WUWF FM-3 was launched with a radio reader format. This third channel broadcasts SightLine for the visually impaired which features a 24-hour schedule including daily readings of the Pensacola News Journal and Gate Wave audio.

WUWF-TV was launched in 2003. It can be seen on Cox Cable Channel 4 in Pensacola and Escambia County, Florida, and in a live 500 kbps stream online at wuwf.tv. The station features original programming and features from the Classic Arts Showcase and Deutsche Welle.

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